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10 Beauty tips for on-the-go gal

Never forget your travel beauty essentials at home again. Check out these top 10 tips for what to tote with you on your getaways.

On the go beauty

Nobody ever said traveling was easy, beauties. Even though we all love a good vacation, it can sometimes be a pain to somehow fit the whole contents of our medicine cabinets into a suitcase. That’s why we consulted Rona Berg, beauty expert and best-selling author, “Fast Beauty: 1000 Quick Fixes” to find out what beauty items to bring with you on your getaway and what to leave at home.

hoard your samples and minis

When you’re traveling, try to fit as much beauty products as you can in a carry-on bag. “Checking bags is such a hassle these days, it’s best to travel light,” Berg says. Storing those free samples from the department store beauty counter or picking up a few mini beauty products at the drugstore before you leave will save you a ton of trouble when it comes time to pack.

invest in a travel brush

Travel brushes aren’t only convenient (they’re smaller and lighter!), they’re also cute these days. Berg recommends Widu’s purse-sized brushes, made of Italian-crafted sustainable wood bristle, and describes them as “a little bit of luxury on the go!”

Put fragrance in a portable atomizer

Perfume is expensive, ladies, and the last thing you want is to find the whole bottle of your sacred scent evaporated all over your suitcase. Save space (and face) by investing in a simple portable atomizer. You’ll be able to tote around small amounts of your favorite scent and won’t feel guilty if you misplace it in your hotel room.

Carry Suncoat Polish & Peel Nail Polish

Nail polish is one of those trick travel beauty items. On the one hand, you don’t want to go without, but on the other, it’s sort of a pain to carry around a bottle of nail polish and a bottle of polish remover. That’s why Berg recommends the polish from this brand: “It’s great for a quick hotel room touch up before you head out to dinner, and it peels right off when you’re ready — no remover necessary”

Fight fatigue

When you’re traveling through different time zones you’re bound to be fatigued from jet-lag, and that’s why Berg always fights back with her beauty essentials: “I always carry my little essential-oil roll-ons for combating jet-lag, fatigue, or sleep deprivation across time zones.” She recommends 21 drops Travel Well and Hope Gillerman Chest Remedy.

multitask with your makeup

If you can use a product for two purposes, go for it! Berg recommends taking along multitasking makeup like a cheek/lip stain duo to save space.

tame your hair with hair pomade

You can’t bring your whole bathroom counter filled with hair goodies with you on vacation but you can tame the beast with hair pomade in a pot, one of Berg’s faves.

sleep in style

Sleeping on planes isn’t exactly comfortable, but Berg says you can improve the situation by packing a few comfy items, like a hoodie pashmina made from sustainable bamboo fiber. She recommends one from ea apparel: “Soft as a newborn, and the hood is sized perfectly to cover the eyes and create a sleeping cave for the wearer.”

Don’t forget the luminizer

Traveling makes us all a bit tired, and whether you’re dealing with jetlag or just burnout, it’s always helpful to have a little beauty backup to keep you looking fresh. Berg recommends dabbing a bit of luminizer under the arch of the brow and across the cheeks for an “instant wake up call for the skin.” Try Vapour Organic Beauty Stratus Soft Focus Skin Perfector.

pack a mini soy candle

Whether you’re going away for a weekend or on a week-long business trip, traveling can be stressful and disorienting sometimes. That’s why Berg recommends taking a relaxing soy candle “to create an oasis of comfort and calm in a strange environment.”

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