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It’s wardrobe switching time

Hello, fall! Ladies, it’s time to pack away the sundresses and pull out the pullovers. Summer dresses need to make way for coats, long sleeves and boots. We’re here to help you transition smoothly from one season to the next with some tips for switching out your wardrobe.

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1Packing up summer

Unless you’re Carrie Bradshaw, you don’t have room to keep clothes from all four seasons in your wardrobe at once. Pull out everything that belongs in your warm weather wardrobe. Transitional pieces can stay, but give everything else some time off. Make sure each piece is clean and neatly folded. Short on storage? Use an empty suitcase to corral the clothes.

2Keep bugs away

Moths can cause major damage to stored clothing. Moth balls can help, but the main ingredient in moth balls is toxic, so instead use a natural (and affordable) alternative like cedar. A pack of 24 cedar balls sells for just $3.99 at

3Label boxes and bins

Before you simply shove your summer clothes to the basement corner or hide them in the attic rafters, make sure they’re properly labeled. This will save you valuable time once the weather heats up again. Make this step more enjoyable with the help of fun free printable labels from

4Fold sweaters

Hangers can damage the fibers in sweaters, so instead of hanging them, keep them folded. Cardboard file boxes set on their side can be the perfect way to prevent a tower of sweaters from toppling over. Plus they won’t cost as much as official closet shelf dividers.

5Be prepared to purge

Since you’re going through the trouble of swapping out your wardrobe for the seasons, it’s also a great time to get rid of items you haven’t worn in a while. If it’s not a definite keeper, donate it instead and take advantage of the tax break.

6Keep clothes categorized

Make sure all of your hard work organizing the closet isn’t undone by the end of the week. Print out free closet tags from Laminate them and use the tags to keep clothes grouped together. They will help transform your closet into a happy place.

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