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5 Ways to help a friend in need

Life is difficult sometimes, but friends can make even the most trying of times a bit more bearable. You’ve most likely been on the receiving end of a friend’s support, and you’ll likely be returning the favor pretty soon, if not now. Here, we show you the top five ways you can help a friend in need .

5 Ways to Help a Friend in Need

Send them a card

There’s a reason they make those funny, no-occasion-needed Hallmark cards, ladies. Sometimes, it’s really the little things that can make us feel better, and getting a funny or supportive card in the mail with a hand-written message from a close friend can make us laugh or smile. Plus, it’s a cheap way (seriously, you can get some cards for $1!) to show your friend you care.

Remind them you’re there to talk

When someone’s going through a rough patch, sometimes all they want to hear is that their friends are available if they need to talk. Your friend might not want to talk, or they might not be ready just yet, but hearing that you’re all ears when/if they do want to vent can make a world of difference.

Surprise them with a small gift

We’re not saying you should go all out and get your friend an expensive bouquet of flowers or something, but a little trinket is always a nice way to help a friend in need. Buy them their favorite candy bar or their fave magazine, and you’ll show them you care and put a smile on their face.

Take them out to do something fun

If your friend has been feeling depressed, they’re more likely to stick around their house and lose the desire to go out and socialize. But sometimes all a friend needs is a little push to go out and get back into a schedule. Help a friend in need by taking them out to do their favorite activity (maybe it’s going to the movies or the mall, or even out to dinner) or ask them if they’d like to try something new.

change the subject

Friends are sources of support, but they’re also supposed to add fun and excitement to our lives. And sometimes a friend in need just wants to take their mind off their troubles by spending time with a close friend. Make sure your friend knows that time with you is a safe haven away from their troubles, and that even though you’re there to talk if they want, you also want to cheer them up and be a source of fun.

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