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Biggest fashion mistakes and how to avoid them

Everyone makes fashion faux pas now and again, but you can avoid some of the biggest fashion pitfalls with just a few tips and tricks. Check out these common fashion mistakes and learn how to avoid them.

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Clothes that don’t fit

Wearing clothes that fit seems obvious, but many people don’t do it. If you wear baggy clothes to hide a little extra weight — stop it. It doesn’t work. In fact, baggy clothing will just make you look bigger and bulkier. Instead, wear garments that skim the lines of your body without clinging or binding.

Completely mismatched

If you’re wearing a gauzy, airy, ruffled, feminine dress, don’t partner it with chunky, bulky, thick shoes. Though a little contrast can be nice, this look just appears mismatched. Instead, pick a pair of delicate sandals, simple ballet flats, kitten heels or even espadrilles.


You know what we’re talking about — a stack of bangles, a few layered necklaces, a handful of rings, a scarf and an oversized satchel. It’s just far too much. How can anyone even notice you when they’re distracted by all your jewelry and accessories? Pick one statement piece and keep the rest of your accessories very minimal.

Panty lines

Slip into a thong or go commando, but whatever you do, get rid of those panty lines. If you’re wearing clingy pants or skirts, be sure to look at your rear end in the mirror before you leave the house. Also, invest in a professional bra fitting to make sure you’re wearing the right size (70 percent of women aren’t). With the right bra, your clothes will fit better and you’ll eliminate unsightly bulges.

Worn out shoes

Your shoes don’t have to be from top designers or even trendy and hip. Just make sure they match your outfit and aren’t dirty or worn. Keep your shoes in good repair to look your best. Another piece of advice — don’t wear sneakers with every casual outfit you own. Sneakers are fine with workout clothes and sometimes jeans, but you can wear ballet flats, flat sandals or comfy wedges with your favorite casual garments to always look chic.

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