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Best lipstick colors for brunettes

No matter what your hair color, your lipstick should compliment your eye color and flatter your skin tone. Brunettes run the gamut from just beyond blonde to warm chestnut and deep rich chocolate. Each will favor a particular set of lipstick tones and shades. Don’t forget to change up your lipstick the next time you update your hair color.

Brown hair and lipstick

Tips for choosing your lip color:

  • If you’re a brunette with golden highlights, then peach and apricot tones will be very flattering — particularly if you have a bit of a suntan.
  • If you’re pale , use a stronger color, such as cinnamon.
  • If your hair falls in the chestnut range, look for lip colors that mimic the red undertones of your hair color. Berry, wine, coral and golden pink are all options for you.
  • If your locks are the color of chocolate, forget the pale pinks. Go with bolder colors such as ruby, cherry or fuchsia.
  • If you’re not sure about your choice at the cosmetic counter, ask for a sample or two so that you can take it home and see yourself wearing it in natural light.
  • Remember to go easy on the eye makeup when you’re wearing strong lip color.
  • Mix up the finish to add variety to your makeup palette. Matte, gloss and stain give different looks, so spend an hour at the cosmetic counter and have some fun playing with all the options available.

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