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Best lipstick colors for green eyes

Lots of women are confused about selecting a perfect lipstick color. You can take cues from your hair color and skin tone, but don’t forget to consider the color of your eyes. Here are some tips for choosing lipstick hues if you have green eyes.

Green eyes and lipstick

Choosing a lipstick

Green eyes are complemented by lipsticks with orange, red or brown tones. This gives you a lot of options. Because of the variances in complexion and hair color, green-eyed girls will want to test some of these shades. An easy way to determine if the color will work for you is to try the color on when you’re wearing no other makeup. Any lipstick that brightens your face and looks good on your bare skin will be a good choice.

Color considerations

Do consider the classic red lip — and choose a red with brown undertones. A matte formula lipstick smoothes on easily and is kind to your lips. You can gloss it up with a topcoat of clear or shimmering lip gloss; something with a little gold sparkle looks sensational.

Also great for you are coppery colors, taupes, cinnamons and bold corals. Apricot is a soft daytime color you’ll like, and the orangey base is a good match for green eyes. A neutral nude color just a few shades darker than your own natural lip color also works.

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