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Best lipstick colors for gray hair

When your hair goes gray, it changes everything in your makeup routine. Gray hair can either make your face look pale or be the silver lining that gives you an entirely new and youthful look. Choosing the correct lipstick color can make all the difference.

Lipstick for grey hair

Color can be your best friend. Think bright and rosy; bare lips are drab on women with gray hair. The monotone makes your skin/hair/lips blend together.

Feeling dramatic?

Go for a rich red in a cream formula. Some brands have a built-in anti-aging serum that treats and conditions your lips while giving you rich, flattering color. There’s a perfect red for every woman; those with gray hair look best in clear reds or those with a blue base. Conversely, brown undertones can add years.

Other tips

  • A matching lipliner will help define thinner lips and keep lipstick from migrating into any lines around your mouth.
  • If you choose the wrong red, don’t throw it out. Lipsticks that are just a wee bit off can be used to create a great new color. Just blend it with another lipstick or top it with a colored lipstain or gloss.
  • You can trust the color blocks on the lipstick packaging; they’re very accurate.
  • Gray-haired women look great in coral, geranium and vivid rose, as well as the berry shades — for example, raspberry and strawberry.

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