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Best lipstick colors for redheads

Redheads bring the fire with their titan tresses and often are confused about how to choose a complementary lipstick color that won’t clash with their hair. Here are a few tips to help you make the right selection.

Woman with red hair wearing lipstick

Do the bare-face test.

Here’s an easy way to determine the color family that’s most flattering to you: Try lip color on while wearing no other makeup. A color that lights up your face and flatters you when you’re not wearing any additional cosmetics will always be a winner.

Can redheads wear a red lip?

Absolutely. Red lips are a dramatic classic, and there’s a shade of red that works for every woman. A red with a brown base is your best bet. You can shimmer it up with gloss in clear or with a touch of gold.

Also fabulous on redheads are lip colors in bronze, copper and brown — as well as sheer colors that give just a hint of glimmer. Stay away from burgundy, fuchsia and dark plum.

More tips

  • Pinks can work, but opt for the softer shades and sheerer formulas.
  • Oranges will be too harsh in contrast to your hair, but nude and brown-based colors will flatter.
  • A light rose color can look very natural if you select one that is no more than two shades darker than your natural lip color.
  • If you line your lips, choose a liner color that matches your lipstick to avoid a harsh, clashing outline.
  • Today’s lipstick formulas are pretty advanced, and you have many other choices besides color. For example, you can choose a formula that lasts all day or that gives your lips a conditioning treatment every time that you slick it on.

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