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Best lipstick colors for brown eyes

You lucky lady! It’s hard to find a color that won’t flatter your brown eyes. Just stay away from the pale frosty pinks; they’re not strong enough to balance your big brown eyes.

Lipstick for brown eyes

Color me warm

If you have really dark brown eyes, opt for cinnamon, terracotta or a rich, spicy red. Don’t be afraid to try something new. That’s the great thing about lipstick: It’s not a long-term commitment. Pick up some samples or spend an hour at your favorite department store cosmetic counter trying out a few shades. Use these tips as your guide:

  • If your brown eyes have golden flecks, choose golden coral or red with a gold undertone for lip with irresistible richness.
  • Bronze complements brown eyes with green undertones.
  • Red is classic and is most flattering with an orange undertone.
  • Freshen up your look for fall with coral, cinnamon or geranium. A bright splash of color will light up your whole face.
  • Avoid all muddy tones: They’re not for you.

Remember to mix up the finishes, too. Stain, high-gloss and matte finishes give very different looks, even when the color is the same. So if you have a favorite color of which you just can’t let go but you want to update your look, try a different finish than your old standby. It’ll freshen up your look in a subtle way. Don’t be surprised if your friends ask you what’s different without being able to pinpoint the change.

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