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Best lipstick colors for blondes

If one thing about lipstick confuses women, it’s finding the most flattering shade. Often, you select a color that you love in the store only to see when you try it at home that it’s just not what you were going for. Here are some simple tips that will help beautiful blondes hit the jackpot on complementary lip colors.

Best lipstick for blones

The trick: Going bare

The simplest way to determine your perfect lip color is to find one that looks good on your face when you are wearing absolutely no makeup. So says a woman who should know: Cosmetic maven and makeup artist Bobbi Brown.

The most flattering colors are just one or two shades darker than your own natural lip color. Apply the potential lipstick to just one lip so you can do the comparison.

Fair-skinned blondes look terrific in nude shades with slightly apricot tones, as well as in pinks and corals.

Red lipsticks look great on blondes, but reds are always tricky. Look for a true red with blue or brown undertones. You can amp up the impact of your red lips even more with a clear coat of gloss over the top. If you’re going for the drama of the bold red lip, remember to make that the one focus of your face and be more subtle with your eye makeup.

Try lipsticks in various shades of pink, plums, soft corals and mauves. Soft colors are more appropriate for corporate and office settings, so save the drama of red for evenings.

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