How to dress an hourglass body

Hourglass body shapes are characterized by similar bust and hip measurements, and a waist that is roughly 10 inches smaller. Famous females with hourglass body shapes include Marilyn Monroe, Salma Hayek, Mariah Carey, Halle Berry and Kate Winslet. They — and you — are the envy of women when it comes to curves. The key to dressing well is to avoid clothes that look frumpy. Here’s the complete guide to dressing your hourglass body.

Hourlgass Beyoncee

1Showcase your bust. Scoop or v-neck tees will draw attention upward toward your bust and face, a couple of your best features.

2Wrap-style waists. A wrap-style skirt or dress will showcase your small waist. Avoid empire waists; they appear dowdy and can create the illusion of pregnancy.

3Avoid being color top-heavy. Lengthen your hourglass body with light colors on top and dark colors on bottom.

4Support those girls. With a fuller bust, a properly fitted, supportive bra is extremely important for your comfort as well as your look.

5Avoid baggy bottoms. Baggy jeans do nothing to flaunt your figure. Look for slightly flared bottoms that balance out your hips. Mid-rise pants will help hide any extra tummy, but low-rise also works great (as long as you don’t go too low).

Hourglass body style guide

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