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Best hair accessories for black hair

Finding hair accessories to complete your outfit and complement your black hair has never been easier. Follow these simple hair tips and you can’t go wrong.

Black hair and headband

1Make it stand out.

Traditional bobby pins get lost in your hair; even a small black headband can be hard to spot. A simple black barrette can hold your hair back without drawing attention away from your outfit. If you really want to have some fun with your style, though, grab a couple crystal-encrusted headbands and pins. They’ll glamorize your look in an instant. A rich color like red or pink also looks great against black hair. For an easy hairstyle, throw on a couple satin headbands in red and pink on your way out the door.

2Keep it on the down low.

Stay away from too many loud prints; you don’t want them to be overwhelming. If you do have your heart set on a print accessory, choose one in black and white so that the pattern is slightly muted. Of course, your best accessory is healthy shine, so take great care of your hair.

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