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Best hair accessories for redheads

As a redhead, your hair so much character that you don’t need too many hair accessories. In the event you do want to top off your look, however, here are some tips to help you choose the best accessories to complement your red hair.

1Red hair accessoryPick the hue for you.

Choose something with green or clear crystals, depending upon how light or dark your hair is. Gold is another good option. For light red hair with blonde undertones, gold can almost wash out your hair; however, if you have a deeper red hue, the gold can really stand out.

2Make it stand out.

A good hair accessory should either stand out against your hair color, or complement it more subtly. You can go for bold contrast, or with something more discreet — such as bobby pins that match your hair color and hold hair in place for updos and other styles.

3Opt for a scarf.

Wrap a solid or patterned green scarf around your ponytail or use it as a wide headband. It adds fun to an outfit and can help mask grown-out roots until you can get back to the salon.

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