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Best eye shadow colors for gray hair

If you’re embracing your gray hair, here are some eye shadow tips and tricks to make your eyes and face look younger.

Woman with gray hair wearing eyeshadow

Be a softy.

Soft, pale colors will brighten your eyes and complement your hair. Colors like rose, peach and soft pinks will add warmth to your face. A good shade to wear alone or with others to warm your face is Laura Mercier’s Morning Dew ($22), a soft matte pink. Always go with a matte finish; shadows with shimmer tend to stick in tiny wrinkles and creases and make the eyes look older.

Prime it up.

Start with a good lid primer, such as Clinique Touch Base for Eyes in Nude Rose ($14), to smooth the skin and provide a good base for your shadow. Bonus: You’ll use less shadow, too.

Be dramatic.

Gray, slate and navy create a beautiful evening look. Apply L’Oreal Midnight Sky ($5) in the crease, and Bare Minerals Patience  ($13) under the brow; use a mix of the two (or a medium gray) on the lid. Use a good lid primer, stay away from shimmer, and blend to give the eye a natural, youthful look.

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