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Best eye shadow colors for blondes

With blonde hair, choosing the right eye makeup can be challenging. Here are our picks and tips to complement your hair color and make your eyes shine.

Use lighter shadows.

While all those deep, smoky grays and browns look great in the store — and maybe even better when you test them on your hand — they may look a bit scary when you put them on your eyes. With lighter hair, you should use lighter shadows instead. Light browns and nudes such as Bare Minerals Chic Nude ($13) along with pastels, pink, coral, beige and peach work great with blonde hair.

Go for blues & browns.

Choose a blue or brown shade that harmonizes with both your hair and eyes, but stay away from any that have a silver undertone; these will make you look washed-out. Conversely, gold undertones create warmth and accentuate the golden shimmer of your hair.

Be natural.

A great, natural-looking combination is the Chic Nude paired with Sephora Collection’s Sun Kissed ($12). This works beautifully with almost all eye colors and transitions well from day to evening.

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