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Best blush for green eyes

Green eyes are something to envy. They’re among the rarest of eye colors and truly set a lady apart from the crowd. Finding the correct blush to complement these natural assets is tricky, though. Most women want to go straight to the roses and pinks, but this might not be the best option. Here are some blush recommendations that will make your green eyes sparkle.

Woman with green eyes applying blush

Don’t be afraid to go purple.

Green-eyed Leslie Cohen believes purples are the best match. She loves to page through magazines and stays up to speed on the latest makeup trends. “Purple blushes work really well with my green eyes and with the red hair tones that commonly accompany green eyes,” she says. “There is something about the opposite color on the basic color wheel that does the trick.” She also recommends choosing a blush that has a little shimmer in it, as well.

With the extra shimmer in many of its colors, MAC makeup is a great option for green-eyed gals. Try the Flirt & Tease blush, which has purple with pearl hues and sheer shimmer. Maybelline also has a sensational purplish hue — deep mauve — in their FitMe blush line. Go lightly: Too much purple blush will detract from those marvelous green gems.

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