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Best blush for redheads

Match redheaded Hollywood stars with these fabulous blush recommendations. The key is a light touch: Don’t use makeup that overpowers your sensational red tones.

Blush for redheads

Shine like the stars.

No one is more striking than a redhead. Hollywood stars with red hair shine extra bright and seem more memorable; consider the likes of Julia Roberts, Julianne Moore, Lindsay Lohan, Isla Fisher, Lucille Ball, Blake Lively, Sophia Loren and Cynthia Nixon. Each of these women usually chooses soft and warm tones for her bronzer.

That’s just peachy.

Many redheads have very fair skin, and light hues work best for them. Tina Higgins, fashion stylist and owner of Evellier Cosmetics, suggests a peachy bronzer that can add a soft compliment to light-hued complexions. “Rich corals, golden peaches and burnt apricots give a fresh faced look,” she says. “Brush blush where the sun normally touches your face: hairline, bridge of nose, lower chin. Always use a light touch, as blush should enhance but not take away from skin tone. This is very important, as redheads tend to be very fair, and makeup mishaps are much more apparent.”

Some of Higgins favorite blushes for redheads include Nars’ Torrid (coral with shimmer), Sex Appeal (soft peach), Orgasm (peachy pink with shimmer), Luster (sheer golden apricot) and Deep Throat (peach with shimmer). Also try Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Medium Coral or Bobby Brown Nectar (pink coral).

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