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Best tops for wedge-shaped bodies

Don’t be discouraged by a top-heavy body frame. Instead, showcase your assets with these fashion tips.

Wedged shape top

Accentuate the positive.

Wedge-shaped bodies are also known as the inverted triangle and typically feature bigger arms and busts than other body types. As with dressing for any body shape, the key is emphasizing your assets and playing down your liabilities. For example, turtlenecks are not a good choice. Even though your inclination might be to cover up the larger part of the body, turtlenecks just don’t work for you. Instead, try v-necks and scoop necks that complement the larger bust.

Erica Strama, fashion expert and senior marketing manager for the Shops at North Bridge on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, loves outfitting wedge-shaped bodies. She regularly appears on morning news segments showcasing the latest trends and styles for the season, and she always factors in body types. “Show off the collarbones,” she suggests. “Draw the eye upwards. A wrap dress works great, and you can even throw a tank top underneath if it dips too low into the bust line.” Erica has a few admonitions for wedge shapes, too: “Short-sleeved blouses can be great, but be careful. Don’t wear a blouse that is too tight, pulls at the buttons and exposes your bra. Leave a couple buttons open at the top to accentuate the neckline and collarbone.”


Says Strama, “Shorter necklaces complement most tops on a wedge-shaped body. Stay away from longer necklaces, as they can get caught in the bust. A great pair of earrings goes a long way.”

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