Best tops for hourglass-shaped bodies

If you have an hourglass-shaped body, you are blessed with a smaller waistline and are the envy of many women. Find out which styles flatter your figure best.

Mad men inspired dress

Every savvy women knows how important it is to dress for your body, not necessarily for the latest fashion trends. While midriff-baring tops or tight shorts might be in, you don’t want to don an unflattering outfit that does not highlight your features.

Wrap dresses & tops

Nicole Pearl, editor and founder of, recommends wrap dresses and tops. They are extremely flattering on an hourglass figure and highlight that tiny waist. She likes DVF’s signature styles for this shape body.

Mad Men ‘tude

No one dresses for an hourglass figure more appropriately than Christina Hendrix’s character, Joan, on Mad Men. The costume designer always looks flawless, even if the show is set over a half century in the past.

Note that you always see Joan in very structured clothing; loose, flowing tops do not work well on this body shape. Selma Hayek and Halle Berry, with their tailored tops, are also great examples of the much-coveted hourglass body shape. Take a cue from these gorgeous celebs: Add belts and cinched waists to highlight the tiny waist and other wonderful assets of this body type.

Photo credit: Banana Republic

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