How to color curly hair

It’s plain and simple: curly hair and straight hair are not the same. This may seem obvious, but many people wash, condition, and color curly hair using products meant for people with straight-hair. After all, you don’t use hand soap to wash your dishes. Want to know how to care for curly hair the correct way? Then read on!

Especially when it comes to coloring, it’s important to use products made for texture. You want to make sure that the color reaches all desired spots and stays even. The curl experts at Ouidad recommend these tips for coloring you curls.

Semi-permanent; completely great

Semi permanent colorants are best for curls because their pigments soak into the middle of each hair strand, as permanent colors would for straight hair. Curls’ corkscrew shape cause these results because more hair is exposed, so the color is more easily absorbed.

Color according to curl

Transform your look when coloring your curls. However, not all colors look the same (or as good) on all types of curls. Ouidad experts say that a variety of colors look good with loose curls, while highlights are a mean match for medium curls. If you have tight curls, “tone on tone shades that add depth” and are the way to go.

Make it last

Prevent the dye from fading by getting a clear glaze treatment after a salon coloring. That way, you can show off your desired shade and shine for months on end.

How-To at Home

These tips are all important and useful– but how do you get great curl color at home? First of all, make sure you use a brand you trust. Coloring and be tricky so it’s important to have go-to products. Then, pour out one third of the developer and replace it with distilled water. Wasn’t expecting that? There’s a method behind our madness– formulas that are more mild work better on curls. Now you’re ready to dye. Apply color to the roots of your hair and let it be for 20 minutes. Once you rinse, the color will have evened out.

Under one Condition

Curly hair is usually in need of moisture. It is important to condition before coloring, so your hair doesn’t dry out. Oudid suggests deep conditioning three days before coloring your hair, and ten days after. That way, the color will lay evenly and stay strong.

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