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Best hair colors for brown eyes

Brown-eyed girls aren’t limited on hair color choices, so get creative and make a change.

Woman with brown hair and brown eyes

Lightening up

Brown-eyed blondes have great contrast going for them: dramatic eyes are complemented by sun-kissed hair in light to dark tones. You can wear platinum, ash blonde or even more sunny, buttery-blonde hair. Just keep in mind that your natural color will affect the coverage and processing time if you go from dark to extremely light. Just remember that dramatic color changes require consistent maintenance to keep the look fresh and pretty.

The best brown

Best color for brown eyes is an anything-but-boring brown, such as Iced Dark Brown — a gorgeous, deep shade from the L’Oreal Sublime Mousse hair color collection. This brown has it all: depth, richness, dimension, gloss and glorious shine. It’s a wonderful blend of dark brown tones that flatters most skin tones and is especially complimentary to women with dark eyes. There’s nothing boring about brown with this color.


Brown eyes are also complemented by black hair, but be careful choosing pure black. Depending on your complexion, black can seem harsh and might drain color from your face. Black hair needs intense shine to avoid a dull, dry look. Blue undertones in black give shine a little extra boost.

Think glamour girl, and enhance your brown eyes with just the right color. You’ll be sultry and sensational.

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