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Best clothing colors for green eyes

Make your green eyes sparkle with smart choices in clothing colors. Check out our tips for the most flattering clothing colors for green eyes.

Woman with green eyes

glow with purples

Green eyes glow when you’re wearing plums and purples, which make your green peepers appear more vibrant. Purple is the most on-trend color of this season, and any shade from rich true purple to misty lavender will work well on you. Think of a deep wine color, and go with a red-based claret or a true burgundy. Both blue and red undertones in these colors bring the sparkle to green eyes.

The obvious choice is a range of greens, and with good reason. Green hues intensify the color of your eyes. Choose sage, olive, mossy green or dark bottle green to bring more depth to your eye color. You’ll also like the effect of pear or any green with a slightly yellow base or a clear grassy green.

beautiful basics

Basic black always has its place, and green eyes glow with this classic. Navy is an equally flattering neutral for you, but stay away from washed-out blues and bland beiges.

Certain browns are especially good for women with green eyes. Try a warm cafe au lait, deep bark brown or rich dark chocolate. Cinnamon browns are a perfect partner for your eye color and have a warming effect on your entire face as well. Instead of a lemony yellow, opt for an earthy gold.

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