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Best clothing colors for gray hair

Going gray can be a bold and brave choice, and might actually make you look younger. Choosing clothing in the most flattering hues will add punch to your look.

Woman wearing navy

Add warmth

Going gray probably means you look paler than you used to, so add some color with your clothing choices. Brights near your face are flattering. Red is sensational with gray hair, as are tones of rose and berry. Stay away from the muddy colors — olive, for instance — and go instead for the jewel tones: bright blues, clear greens, bold golds.

A true navy is great with gray hair, but some shades of gray will no longer work for you; they tend to blend in and wash out your complexion. The standard white blouse still works, but pair it now with a pop of bright color — maybe a red sweater or a royal blue blazer. Keep the color story bold near your face.

Clear plums and purples work well with gray hair. Too-pale pastels are aging, so stay away from mint, light lemon,  pastel pink and the like. Instead, opt for a grassy green, clear gold and rich raspberry. Browns can work for you, but select a rich bark color — a brown with a cinnamon tone, or a chocolate shade. The beige and tan tones are just too bland to flatter your new hair color. You can still rock your favorite little black dress; just add some bold accessories such as great earrings, a necklace or a pop-of-color jacket.

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