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Tips for going from brunette to blonde

Maybe you want to find out if blondes really do have more fun, or you want to camouflage those annoying little gray hairs at your temple a bit better. Whatever your reasoning, this is not a decision to be taken lightly. If not done correctly, the express train from brunette to blonde can derail at the intersection of muddy/green hair. Here are a few suggestions to help you achieve the look you want.

Brunette gone blonde

1Consider why you want this change.

Are you stressed out? Did you just get dumped for a blonde? Make sure you are doing this for the right reasons. If you enter this decision under pressure and it goes south, it may just push you over the edge — and no one wants to see that. No one.

2Picture this.

Light hair washes a lot of people out. The last thing you need after making this switch is to have everyone constantly asking if you’re tired. That’s going to get annoying real fast. Consider a sassy new cut, or switch up your makeup. Maybe even think about a wig (or at least try one on to see how you look in that hair color).

3Ask the experts.

Consult a professional, or try an interactive hair color website to get recommendations.

4Be practical.

Be realistic about what level of blonde you hope to achieve, and understand that achieving it may take a few colorings.

5Assess your commitment.

Ask yourself how much energy and money you’re willing to spend on upkeep. Dark roots are not sexy. Going from brunette to blonde is a real commitment in the maintenance department.

6Highlight first.

Streaks of blonde can give you that “I spend a lot of time out in the sun” look without a dramatic change. More highlighting around the face also can help you achieve a blonder look without a full-on color treatment.

7Nix the brassy look.

Brassiness, whether you do the color yourself or have a professional do it, is a common side effect of taking your hair from a dark shade to a light shade. You can purchase toners to mix into your shampoo that will tone down (as the word toner suggests) the orange/brassy color.

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