Tips for going from blonde to brunette

If you’re ready for a drastic change, make a statement by darkening your blonde tresses for a sexy, bold look sure to turn heads. Here are a few tips and considerations for making the transition from blonde to brunette an easy one.

Tips to go from blonde to brunette

1Most blondes go back.

Fair-haired lasses are often shocked when the towel comes off their previously golden locks. So, prepare yourself before unwrapping and give your new color a few days to mellow out a little bit. Breathe…blonde hair is just a bottle away, too!

2Don’t forget to condition.

Condition, condition, condition your hair in the weeks leading up to your color change so that your hair will accept the color, recommends Lisa Mayer at Lucas Salon in Los Angeles. Also, prior to your switch to the dark side, use heat on your hair as little as possible and go longer between shampoos if you can.

3Get advice from a professional.

A pro can assess your current hair color and condition, and make recommendations accordingly. How dark should you try to go? What’s the right hair color for your skin tone?

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4Try streaks of lowlights.

Weaving darker shades of blonde and lighter shades of brown into your hair might be enough to satisfy your desire for darker hair. If nothing else, it will help you transition mentally. Going darker in stages will not be quite so shocking.

5Consider a softer shade of brown.

A warm brown may let your highlights show through, resulting in a natural, less abrasive look. Take a look at these brunette hairstyles for inspiration.

6Do it in October, in case it’s a disaster.

Then you can tell people you did it deliberately for Halloween, sparing you some of those blonde jokes you were trying to dodge in the first place.

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