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Easy tips to take your look from day to night

It’s finally 5 o’clock, and you’re ready to hightail it out of the office to meet the girls for cocktails in less than an hour, runny makeup and all. We’ve got you covered with these simple tips for taking your look from day to night.

Woman applying bold red lipstick

1Apply bright red lipstick.

Look in the mirror after work: What do you see? A face whose makeup has likely worn off, lip gloss that never made it past your morning cup of coffee and circles under your eyes. Smooth a little bronzer over your face to take away shine and bring life back into your face. Darken your brows with liner to distract from the bags under your eyes. Apply red lipstick. All this can be done from the office restroom, transitioning you from half dead to Hollywood glamorous in five minutes or less.

2Back-comb your hair.

Revitalize your hair quickly by applying baby powder to your roots to make your hair look like you just shampooed it. Grab clumps of hair and back-comb. Turn your head upside down and shake gently with your fingers. Flip your hair back up and shape your hair the way you want it. Spray lightly with hair spray.

3Apply glitter… to something.

Apply a little glitter eye shadow. Smooth glitter lotion on your chest. Spray a little glitter in your hair. Get out the glitter lip gloss. Whatever you do, though, don’t do all these things at once. The key to glitter is subtlety. It needs to just catch in the light and create visual interest without being obnoxious.

4Switch to high heels.

Remember how people used to describe a mullet — business in the front, party in the back? The same principle applies here. No matter how businesslike your attire may be, sexy heels are going to take that look from day to night in a big way. Unbutton that Oxford shirt one more button, throw on a pair of stiletto snakeskins, and you’re good to go.

5Pony up, or spike.

“For long hair, gather it in a high ponytail and apply shine spray to alleviate frizz,” says Lisa Mayer from Lucas Salon in Los Angeles. If you have short hair, Lisa suggests spiking it for night life.

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