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Best makeup colors for redheads

Redheads are truly rare beauties — the envy of the darker-haired world. Fiery, sexy and sultry, red hair stands out in a sea of brunettes and blondes. Choosing the right makeup colors can be tricky, though. The colors that brunettes and blondes can pull off don’t always work for redheads. Try these instead.

Woman with red hair

1Olive green

Olive green brings out those bright red locks perfectly, without washing out or taking away from the natural beauty of your face. Contrasting colors always work, and green is directly across from red on the color wheel.

2Neutral colors

Neutrals work across all skin tones and hair colors, but they’re especially useful for redheads. A nude lip, light brown lid and pinkish-brown cheeks never look overdone. Perfect for daytime, neutral colors are a fantastic way to look polished but not cheap at the office.


Rather than the pinks that brunettes and blondes use (which might make redheads look off-color), peaches bring out the fire of red hair. Perfect for super-light skin tones, peach adds a splash of healthy color and brings out blue and green eyes.

4Dusty brights

If you love bright colors but don’t want to look clownish, venture beyond the neutral spectrum into dusty shades of your favorite color. Or, add a touch of light brown to the bright shade of your choice. Mix, blend and match to find the ideal color.

5Soft browns

With dramatic, bright hair, redheads don’t need to pull out all the stops with dark eyecolor. Swap deep black mascara for soft, natural browns. Tone down the black eyeliner with brownish shades of your favorite colors to provide contrast with your eyes.

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