Best makeup colors for blondes

Blondes actually might have more fun after all — at least, with makeup colors. Embrace your golden locks with these colors and techniques that will help you look your fair-haired best.

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1Neutral tones

If you want to wear makeup without looking too sultry, cakey, clownish or overdone, go nude — with color, that is. Accentuate an eye crease with a medium shade of brown, or sweep a nude gloss across your lips. Neutral tones are young, fresh and, above all else, great for all hair colors.

2Bronze bombshell

Bronze colors add a new dimension to blonde faces. Bronze makeup such as blushes, lipcolors and eyeshadows often have a metallic sheen, which adds a healthy glow. Blondes look fantastic with tans — and with bronzers, you can achieve the look of a tan without spending time in the aging, harsh summer sun.

3Barbie pink

Barbie knew it best: Life is better with pink everything, including cheeks, lips and lids. Take it from the ultimate blonde: Pink tones add healthy color and life to tired faces. It’s a youthful, classic look that isn’t going to go out of style anytime soon. Be careful with going too bright, though. Fuchsias have a tendency to wash blondes out.

4Light liners

Black eyeliner often looks harsh on blondes. Instead, opt for softer colors such as medium greys, browns, blues and greens. Give your lashes a sweep of black mascara for added drama, or go for a brown-black for a classy, subtle, sophisticated look.

5Bold lips

What’s more classic than a blonde-on-red combo? Go the Marilyn Monroe route and pump up the drama with bold, red lips. Line that pretty pucker with a similar red color to keep the lipstick in place all day. Experiment with other bold colors. Bright pinks (not fuchsia) brighten up faces for a night out or special occasion.

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