Best casual dresses for hourglass body shapes

For casual occasions, you don’t want to dress overly sexy but you don’t want to hide your beautiful curves either. Follow these tips to complement your hourglass curves.

Hourglass body shape - casusal dress

Casual dresses for hourglasses

“Fitted dresses show off curves perfectly,” says celebrity fashion stylist and TV personality Dawn Del Russo. “Wearing a belt at the waist accentuates curves nicely. Wrap dresses are stunning and easy to wear as well.”

Dresses with sweetheart and v-necklines look terrific on hourglass figures. Avoid straight sheaths and empire waist dresses for this body type.

Celebrity hourglasses

Beyonce, Scarlett Johansson, Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba, Kate Winslet, Mariah Carey and Drew Barrymore all have curvy hourglass body shapes.

Hourglass casual dresses

What to wear

  1. ABS Crocheted Dress ($270)
  2. Komarov Jersey Wrap Dress ($158)
  3. Patterson Belted Print Dress ($118)


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