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5 Signs you’re a gossip

Gossiping is a wonderful way to bond, talk and keep up to date on all the latest juicy news, but be aware: Too much gossiping may cause people to keep mum around you. Below are five ways to tell whether you’re just sharing the latest or you’re a true gossip.

woman listening for gossip

1Your phone is a gossip

Did you know that J-Lo and Marc Anthony split before your BFF did? Better yet, did you tell your BFF about the split? If you’re a true-blue gossip girl, you did — and your info came from the mobile app of your fave gossip site. You’ve bookmarked and E! on your phone, and you’re on the alert for updates like white on rice, just waiting to be the first to spill the beans to your pals.

2You receive your important updates via Facebook

Do you relay information to friends about what you saw on a Facebook update? Gossip gals love to be in the know and constantly check their Facebook and Twitter accounts for updates to laugh about and discuss. Facebooking and tweeting are completely normal; just make sure you post your own updates, and don’t ghost-stalk your friends for something to blab about.

3You can’t resist passing it on

If you grab your office BFF and drag her into the restroom for the latest office news, you are truly an office gossip. Relaying info the minute you hear it is a gossip obvious. Take a breath and hold back a little. If one of your confidants catches wind that you can’t keep her secrets, you may lose an important gossip source… and friend.

4“She’s a blabber… I mean, a blogger”

Blogging is an excellent way to keep a diary of your thoughts, activities and memories. If you use it as a gossip tell-all, however, you can expect friends to keep their distance. Gossip girls love to dig and throw the dirt, and posting it on a blog that you share with all your friends and family is a sure sign that you’re a blabber.

5You gossip about people your own age

If your top source of gossip is your 5-year-old daughter’s BFF, then you have officially reached gossip queen status. If your husband tells you it’s time to get a life two sentences in, you may want to pick up Golf Digest the next time you’re at the gym, so you can have a conversation that he would like to have with you. If he’s a gossip, too, then your match is made in heaven — for better or worse.

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