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5 Fashion mistakes to avoid

We all make fashion faux pas every once in a while. Follow these tips to avoid these common fashion mistakes.

1Woman wearing accessoriesBad fits

Slouchy sweaters and baggy jeans won’t hide your weight. In fact, clothes that are too big will make you look heavier than you are.

Make sure that your clothes actually fit. Don’t wear jeans that you can’t zip up unless you lie down, or a dress that makes you look like a stuffed sausage.

Fit is important for undergarments, as well. Tight underwear causes pantylines, and an ill-fitting bra can cause back fat, side boobs and other ghastly bulges.

2Too many accessories

Accessories should complement your look, not overwhelm it. Bold, big, colorful and glitzy accessories are trendy right now — but wear them sparingly. If you are rocking an elaborate statement necklace, you don’t want a big stack of bangles, too. Keep the rest of your jewelry simple and delicate (or non-existent).

Likewise, if you’re carrying a bright, glossy handbag, leave that vibrant, wide belt at home and wear it another time. Too many large, bold items, particularly in one section of your body, will make you look tacky — not trendy.

3Matchy-matchy outfits

If you’re wearing a pink dress, you don’t need a pink bag, pink shoes and pink lipstick. This goes for prints, too. Though animal patterns and graphic prints are hot right now, stick to just one piece.

4Too much denim

Every woman should have at least one perfect pair of jeans, but don’t overdo it. For example, jean jackets are back in style, but don’t wear one wit a pair of skinny jeans; instead, pair it up with a floral day dress or a prim, pleated skirt for a nice contrast.

5Inappropriate duds

Wearing the wrong clothes for the occasion is just about the biggest fashion mistake you can make. For example, your sequin mini is scorching, but it doesn’t belong in the office. Stilettos and glitter makeup are cool for the club, but not for an afternoon coffee date. Before you leave the house, think about where you are going and what you’ll be doing. If something you are wearing is too short, tight, skimpy or flashy, err on the conservative side and change into something more appropriate.

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