8 Workday stress-busters

Work makes us stressed, and stress makes us irritable and unproductive. Studies show that happy people are not only better to be around, but they are also more likely to get promoted. Use our tips and be the happiest ball of sunshine in the office.

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1Go to your happy place

If you don’t want to feel stressed, think of another emotion and make it happen. Thinking yourself out of stress can do wonders. Your brain is the most powerful tool that you have, so use it.

2 Walk it out

Just five minutes of exercise can help enhance your frame of mind and increase your overall efficiency. After a walk, workers can feel up to 30 percent more happier and be 15 percent more productive, so grab a friend or an iPod and get moving.


Studies show that people tend to feel happier when they are with other people. Taking time out of your day to talk to a cube-mate or a girlfriend can be an instant stress reliever and mood booster. Make plans for your weekend, gab about your day, or tell a funny story to someone with open ears and make that stress feel light years away.

4Enjoy an espresso

Aside from helping you drag yourself out of the bed and the morning fog, caffeine is also an instant mood booster. Caffeine enhances bloodflow and brain productivity, instantly relieving anxious feelings — as if you needed another excuse to hit Starbucks.

5Get out in the sun

Removing yourself from the situation that’s causing your stress can be a huge relief in itself. With a little bit of sunshine — and the all-important vitamin D it helps your body manufacture — you will come back to your desk with a fresh new attitude.

6Back away from the computer

Magazines, a book, a picture of your kiddos or spouse or just a quick peruse of your favorite site can take your mind off your stress and absorb you in something other than work. Taking a mental break to do something you enjoy that’s easy on the brain may offer just the relief that you need.

7Pump it louder

Listening to your favorite music can help you reduce anxiety, boost your productivity and prop up your mood. When those downer moments at work hit, pop in the earbuds and jam to a special playlist you created just for that purpose.

8Breathe in, breathe out, repeat

This may sound ridiculously simple, but closing your eyes and taking a deep breath may be the only stress reliever you need. Yoga fans know that doing exercises that enhance breathing and put you in tune with your core improve your well-being. Take a cue from their approach at work; just save the yoga moves for outside the office.

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