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6 Natural stress-busters


Everyone experiences stress occasionally.  Unfortunately, a growing number of people are struggling to cope with stress that is chronic.  Be proactive!  Unaddressed, the symptoms of stress can affect your health and emotional well-being.  Put yourself at the top of your to-do list and incorporate these natural stress relievers into your daily life.

stress busting tips


At the end of a stressful day it can be hard to force yourself to go to the gym. Your need to find something you will do on a consistent basis. How about a walk around the neighborhood before dinner? Spend 30 minutes on an exercise bike, treadmill or rebounder while you watch a program on TV or listen to some of your favorite feel good music. . Once you’ve formed the habit it will be easier to continue.


Sex is one of nature’s best stress relievers. It can also be considered a form of exercise for those of you who are looking for an alternative to suggestion #1. Do yourself and your partner a favor and make sure you’re including sex in your weekly activities. A decreased sex drive is one of the symptoms of stress.


Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. It’s common to develop trouble sleeping when we’re under stress. Make sure you take time to relax for 30 minutes before heading to bed. Listening to soothing music or sounds of nature is helpful as well.


Muscle tension, pain and headaches are all classic symptoms of stress. Massage can relieve the muscle tension thus easing the pain and headaches it causes. Consider it health care of the most basic kind. Make room in your schedule for a massage ASAP!


Meditation is about learning to empty your mind and shifting your focus from stress to tranquility. These are many types of meditation so do a little research and find what will work for you.


A study by the University of Minnesota found that the chemicals that emotional stress builds up in your body can be removed through your tears. Another recent study puts the number of those who experience stress relief and improved mood after a good cry at just below 90%. You may not be able to let go in the midst of the stressful situation but don’t fight the urge to give in to those tears later. They can be healing.

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