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5 Confidence boosters

Who wouldn’t like to be even more self-confident!  Here are 5 confidence boosters to help you feel better every day or give you a lift when you really need it.  Incorporate them into your mental arsenal and they’ll be second nature in no time.

Confident woman looking in mirror

1. Form your own fan club

Remember your greatest success in vivid detail. It doesn’t matter if it happened yesterday or in the distant past. It could be closing the biggest sale of your career or the first time you rode a bike. It just needs to be an accomplishment that made you feel great at the time. Close your eyes and remember how it felt, how you held your body, how you were breathing. Make the pictures in your mind bright and vivid. When you’ve got a clear image duplicate it in your body. Changing your physiology will change your mental attitude. Practice your power stance so that you can snap into it when needed.

2. Your thoughts become your life

Make sure you control your inner conversation. No one needs a voice in their head that constantly criticizes or belittles. Pay attention to how often you have negative or limiting thoughts each day. When you catch yourself being self-critical turn it around immediately. “Nobody likes me” becomes “Why do I have so many friends” instead. The human mind likes to answer questions. Start asking these kinds of questions and your brain will get busy on a list of your strengths, talents and strategies to manifest the answer.

3. Aim for constant small improvements

You don’t need to make major changes to have a big impact. Strive to improve a little each day. Space missions get to their targets through a process of frequent small course corrections. If you do that too, over time, you’ll see massive improvement and reach your goals.

4. Dress the part

Make it a point to look your best every day. Whether you’re going somewhere or staying home doesn’t matter. You feel better about yourself when you know you look good. This doesn’t just mean your wardrobe. Stand up straight, shoulders back and head held high. Breathe deep and smile!

5. Begin and end every day with gratitude

Take a few minutes at the start of your day and again before you go to sleep to think of 3 things you’re grateful for. It’s difficult to hold negative thoughts and gratitude simultaneously. Let gratitude help set the tone every day.

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