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5 Flirty nail polish colors

Bright and bold nail colors in notice-me hues bring a fun and flirty twist to your wardrobe. Take a cue from the color wheel and try one of these new shades.

loreal ragin cajun nail color


Bright and tropical, yet warmer than your average pink, coral is a wonderfully fun and flirty nail color that will get you noticed by that elusive guy. Try Loreal’s Pro Manicure Polish in Ragin’ Cajun $4.99


Fuchsiaopi flashbulb fucshia nail color

When you really want your nails to scream “Ready for fun!”, reach for a bold and bright fuchsia colored nail polish. This is sure to make your girlfriend’s jealous when you catch his eye. Try OPI nail polish in Flashbulb Fuchsia $8.50


Ocean Bluezoya phoebe nail color

Calm but still bright and fun, nail colors in the hues of the ocean are a sure fire hit. Where better to relax and let your inner flirt soar than the beach? Try Zoya’s Matte Nail Polish in Phoebe $8


Greenopi green-wich village nail color

Whether you go bright…or earthy, any hue of green showcased on your nails are sure to bring a fun and playful look to any outfit. Going green has never looked so good! Try OPI Nail Polish in Green-wich Village $8.50


Tangerineessie's braziliant nail color

Bright, playful, bold… oranges are an amazing way to increase your WOW! factor that will give them whiplash from trying to get a second look. Try Essie’s nail color in Braziliant $8


So if you are just plain tired of the same old boring colors, be sure to try one of these fabulous colors. I promise…you will get more than a few compliments.

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