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7 Signs you’re a drama queen

Are you always the star in your own personal soap opera? A bad attitude and critical comments are just two of the signs that you’re a full-fledged drama queen!

Drama queen

Is every event in your life an epic drama? If you blow things out of proportion and thrive on all the attention your actions create, you could be a typical drama queen!

1Stir it up

The drama queen likes to stir things up. She gossips and manipulates to cause trouble and arguments between other people. Her payoff is being the center of attention in the ensuing battle.

2Big deal

Drama queens have no sense of proportion. Tiny events — somebody spills wine on her shoe, she gains half a pound — are viewed as ultimate disasters. There are no minor mishaps in the drama queen’s world.

3Sharing misery

Can you say “emotionally dysfunctional?” The drama queen feels duty-bound to make life harder for everybody around her. It comes as naturally to her as breathing.

4Just sharing

Drama queens share — dramatically — the highs and lows of their lives, convinced that every detail is of great interest to their audience. And woe to the listener who doesn’t respond in the expected manner. More drama will follow if you don’t ooh and aah over her endless narratives.


Drama queens are picky. In a restaurant, expect the drama queen to send her dinner back until it achieves perfection…the entree is rarely cooked to her taste, and the vegetables are never quite crisp enough. Drama queens expect perfection , or those who serve her should anticipate feeling her disdain and hearing the complaints.

6Choose your weapons

Criticism is the drama queen’s weapon of choice. She sets high standards based on her own opinions — for style, entertainment, behavior, etc. And the drama queen never hesitates to let others know, in totally inappropriate ways, that they just don’t measure up. Her catty and cutting remarks are music to her own ears.

7Look at me

If there’s one thing that the drama queen craves, it’s being the center of attention. She’s not fussy about how she achieves this as long as the spotlight shines brightest on her. Her sense of entitlement is deeply ingrained. If she has to manufacture a scene to switch the attention to herself, it’s not a problem for the true drama queen.

Crying, complaining, thriving on the turmoil she creates every day…the girl with the ability to annoy and irritate weaves her way through life making every molehill into a mountain. She’s a drama queen!

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