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10 Happiness secrets

The secret is so simple: adjust your state of mind and enjoy the results of more happiness. Attitude rules your happiness quotient!

the secret to happiness

The key to happiness is to appreciate what you have. Sounds simple? Then why are so many people still unhappy? Happiness is really a state of mind, so learn how to embrace the good, to stop worrying and to just be happy.

Time’s up

Be happy now. Be grateful for what you have today, rather than dwelling on what you don’t have. Practice being satisfied with what you have now while you work in pursuit of the things you want for your future. Start by counting your blessings.


Understand what you can – and can’t – change. Things take time. Work on what you can to improve your life right now, understand what will take some time, and accept that there are always things that you just can’t change. Accept those truths.


Put a smile on your face and it will change how you feel and the way that people react to you. A smile becomes the outward reflection of an inner feeling. Try it!


Happiness is a choice. It’s a choice we make every day. So decide that you will choose to look on the bright side today.


Deal with it. Whatever life hands you, don’t place blame…it’s a waste of time and energy and drains away your happiness. Accept responsibility for dealing with whatever comes your way. Placing blame or feeling sorry for yourself won’t solve problems. But you can.


Give your best effort to everything that you do. Life will support you and you’ll feel a sense of satisfaction, pride and happiness if you always give 100% effort to what you’re doing.


Realize what matters. It’s not what you get, it’s what you become! Have high expectations for an improved you. Nobody can make you happier – that job is up to you. Work on yourself.

The view

Look at things from a different angle. Is it a problem, or an opportunity to take action? Problems are good teachers if you face them head-on.


One step at a time! Put things in perspective. No problem is too great or opportunity too small if you take it in small bites. Tackle tasks, issues and problems piece by piece and congratulate yourself for your wise approach.

the company you keep

Choose your companions carefully. There are people who have a positive attitude and are uplifting, just as there are those with negative attitudes that can bring you down. Choose to surround yourself with individuals who are happy – and who make you happy, too.

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