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Romantic weekend getaways on a budget

Need a little “us” time? A romantic weekend getaway lets you forget jobs and kids and allows you to enjoy being together, while bringing a spark to your relationship. You can make it affordable without sacrificing the sexy fun waiting for you. Here’s how!

Happy couple in tent

1Stay close

Go away, but don’t go far! There’s no rule that says you have to get far away to have a romantic getaway. Less travel time means more time relaxing together, not to mention it is budget-friendly. Instead of a long plane ride, consider a short drive to a neighboring city or even just across town! Check into a hotel and enjoy. Get a couples spa treatment, make eyes at each other over a romantic dinner, lounge in bed in the morning with coffee, croissants, a newspaper — and each other, before you take a duo soak in the tub. Snuggle up and watch an erotic in-room movie, or dress up and flirt over cocktails. Distance isn’t the objective here — spending alone time together is what makes it romantic.

2Bed and breakfast

Find a cozy bed and breakfast or an intimate inn and spend the weekend with long walks and personal talks. A place that’s serene and peaceful helps you unwind from the bustle of everyday life and gives you a chance to reconnect romantically. No ringing phones, no demanding kids and jobs — just the two of you together with no agenda but each other.


The great outdoors is a perfect setting for romance. What’s better than sharing a sleeping bag and counting the stars above you, making slow sweet love in the fresh outdoor air and frolicking together in a cool mountain lake? You can cuddle by the campfire and share plans and memories, go to bed with the sun, holding on tight to each other. Whether in a tent or a rustic cabin, the cost can be low and the romance quotient high on an outdoor weekend getaway for two.

A retreat, spa weekend, nude beach, a long drive culminating in an elegant picnic for two…your romantic weekend getaway can be whatever you imagine. The centerpiece is simply two people having uninterrupted time together in a new location. The change of scenery helps you be alone together and adds that taste of adventure to your relationship.

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