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Romantic getaway ideas

Want to get away from it all with your love, but not sure where to go or what to do? Take advice from some of our users! Below are over 45 great getaway ideas to help you plan your next romantic rendezvous!


  1. Perfection to me is a skiing trip! What better than snuggling up in a down-filled bed, waking up to a chilly room, where it is absolutely impossible to get out of bed, snow covered trees, romantic fireside and candlelit dinners? And, that is just the beginning! How about the fun shared when you actually get to the mountain? -Karen Mercke
  2. The perfect romantic vacation would be a wonderful inclusive resort on a private Caribbean beach that catered to couples, but not too over-crowded. One that had plenty to do and plenty of romantic spots to do nothing, but enjoy one another. -Candy
  3. My idea of a perfect vacation would be a trip to Costa Rica. At an elevation of 3,000 ft, there is a beautiful romantic resort where you can have total privacy to do anything that your mind wishfully desires. -Justin
  4. A vacation on a deserted island, with only a cook and a maid to do all the dirty work. -Cindy
  5. Every Saturday night, I have a perfect romantic vacation with my boyfriend of 5 years. We get together on Saturday nights and go dancing or travel to Ocean City, Maryland for a weekend at the Beach. Secrets Restaurant and Nightclub is our favorite. It has a Jamaican Atmosphere, is right on the bay, and has a live band inside and hot disco music live outside. You can’t beat it for the atmosphere and the location! Take me to Jamaica, mon! For anyone going to Ocean City, Maryland, Secrets is a must! -Janet Deise
  6. Spain. Two weeks wandering the beaches, the shops, traveling to all of the wonderful sights and returning each evening to your own secluded little room to renew your love. -Kay Duvall
  7. I think the perfect romantic vacation would be to a beautiful island. I would enjoy eating dinner on the beach as we watch the sunset together. Then taking a stroll down by the water, followed by a night cuddling in front of a open fire outside. -Nancy
  8. The perfect romantic vacation for me would have to be just me and my guy at an exotic place like the Bahamas. We would spend the whole time indoors (We would step outside for a quick breather…). We would enjoy candlelight dinners, breakfast in bed and showers together. -Melissa
  9. The perfect vacation would be to be together at a little bed and breakfast in the mountains. A quiet little room with lots of candles and flowers–just the two of us. Walks on a path that only other lovers had walked on, and a sunset that we could share and remember forever. That would be perfect. -Heather
  10. A chateau in the countryside of France. -S.Wright
  11. When funds are low, a perfect romantic vacation can be in one’s apartment with the vow to fulfill each other’s fantasy for an entire weekend. This time should be well-planned and scheduled so each person can fully enjoy themselves. After much planning together and getting everything needed, both vow not to leave the apartment or getaway place for the entire weekend. I believe 40% of the fun and intimacy will be seeing one another plan and get everything ready for each other. The perfect romantic vacation is being with the one you love, and doing what both of you want and deserve. -Sheila
  12. My perfect vacation would be in the jungle at the side of a clear river where we can be alone alone together. We could search for our food, and cooking and eat together. Then end the nights by talking next to our campfire. -Cloudlove
  13. I think the perfect, romantic vacation would be a Barefoot Cruise to the Fiji Islands. We could stay in a couples only place in a wonderful penthouse, suite, or better yet… a private house with all of the amenities! We would of course have a private beach just for the two of us! I would want to be on the west side of the Island in order to watch the beautiful sunsets with the man I love. -Cheetah
  14. I would love to spend 3 nights at in a Penthouse hotel room, sharing thoughts, making love, having a candlelight dinner and bathing together. -Teti
  15. I live in CT, so my idea of the perfect romantic vacation is to drive on windy, quiet back roads to Mass. All the leaves are changing and you can smell Autumn in the air. I love to stop at small inn’s or B&B’s to spend the weekend. When we’re not “in” at the inn, we like to take leisurely walks through the woods on the trails together, breathing it all in. -Linda
  16. A long trip on a train. -Larry
  17. The perfect vacation is a week alone with my love in the mountains of the West to a secluded spot where only she and I are the entire time. The key ingredients: a campfire, hot springs, moon light and starry sky. There wouldn’t be anything that is urgent or that has to be done, other than spend the entire night in each other’s arms to fight of the chill of the evenings. We would bring along a CD player with plenty of the songs that spark passion in us. Then we would spend each night making love and then talking and watching the sky above us while holding each other. -Zach Hatch
  18. A place for just the two of us, no phones, no children, no animals, no in-laws, lots of privacy, with food, candles and champagne would be ideal. -Janeann
  19. A trip to Cancun, Mexico where we would enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner and laying on the beach until the sun rises sounds like a romantic paradise. -Angie
  20. For our one year anniversary my boyfriend and I decided to go on our first trip together. The day we arrived to marvelous Cancun, I was surprised to see in our hotel room a candle light dinner with champagne. The bedroom was filled with candles and rose petals, and as I opened the nightstand drawer, to my surprise, I found a booklet, the full “Kama Sutra Guide To Better Lovemaking.” He had told me that his fantasy was to do all Kama Sutra positions, and thus began the best sex of my life, so this is my idea! -Carmen
  21. I always dreamed of amazing Italy, the perfect place for lovers. Italy is the perfect vacation anyone can ever dream of. To be in Venice right now, and be with my boyfriend making love all night with candle lights all over would be a dream. -Yaaablue
  22. A honeymoon (first or second!) in the Pocanos. We would enjoy music, wine, fragrance, sexy lingerie while my man and I take the journey into the essence of love divine. -Keya
  23. I would love two weeks in Greece with no kids or responsibilities, except to enjoy the time together in a little off beat hotel close to the Mediterranean (within walking distance). The people are friendly and there is food galore!!! -Anne
  24. I believe that a romantic vacation should consist of being together in an adventurous place. Go somewhere were you can explore your surroundings and have a lot to talk about. Go to an island and water snorkel. Walk on the beach in your bathing suits and shoes off. Get really dressed up like you did in prom, and go out to eat to a fancy restaurant. It may be the only time you get to do it in your life time, but you will have wonderful memories. Also take pictures, and when you get home, make a book out of them with captions so you’ll remember your vacation forever. -Allison Butchbaker
  25. I would love something spontaneous and sporadic where my love showed up at home to tell me to pack, because we are leaving. Then, we would show up on the coast somewhere to stay in a suite on the beach. From the room we can hear the ocean waves crashing in. We spend our time walking the beach, listening to the waves, and enjoy each other! -Princess
  26. The ideal romantic vacation would be to stay on an isolated Greek island, where by night you can make love on the balconies on cool Mediterranean nights. We could go sailing under azure blue skies, and make love under the sun. -Hamish Muir
  27. It doesn’t matter where we go, as long as she is by my side. The night we would have, would include a few flowers. I’d cook her a meal, she give me a massage, I’d wash her in a bubble bath. We’d kiss until the sun comes up, and do whatever else comes to mind. We would sleep in each other’s arms and wake up to each other. -Mike Arvanitis
  28. A month long getaway with just you and your lover would be incredible. We could go somewhere really hot and steamy. There would be exotic flowers blooming all around and waterfalls streaming out lukewarm water. We would watching the sun fade through exotic palm trees every night, and enjoy exotic animals running all around. -Alex Rich
  29. Going on a boat in beautiful weather with someone you love, and sailing. Take along a bottle of champagne. -Tony
  30. I live here, but I can’t think of anything more romantic than New York City in the summer. I’m thinking of carriage rides, great eclectic food, jazz bars, poetry readings, coffee shops, SoHo, Broadway plays, Central Park, late night walks (yeah it’s possible), art galleries, museums or even taking a double-decker train to the Hamptons for the weekend. New York is the perfect place to feel at ease in love. -Kei
  31. There is a little Island in the Bahamas named Harbour Island. The sand is pink, and most of the time you spend is on the beach alone with your love. The people are friendly. It’s the perfect place to be with that special someone. -Warren
  32. Drive to a little town far from home, where you have never been, and find a hotel that you have never been to, or isn’t a popular chain. -Carolyne
  33. My absolute favorite vacation spot is Barbados, but for a honeymoon or romantic getaway, I recommend Tahiti, not the main island Papette, but Bora Bora or Moorea. It’s so romantic and so peaceful and beautiful. Barbados is awesome if you love night life or a real taste of the islands!! -Trina
  34. Making love under the stars in Ireland. -Melanie
  35. Get in a car and just drive. Bring a tent and a sleeping bag, and don’t look at the map until you have been driving for 3 hours. Oh, and bring a video camera. 🙂 -Tawnya
  36. We travel to Ireland for Christmas, and spend the twelve days in a little cottage in County Sligo, under Ben Bulben, where W.B.Yeats wrote his poetry to Maud Gonne. We read a poem every day and search for its roots. After the twelfth night, we then fly to Scotland for another week, holing up in a former castle in the Highlands, where we read Burns to each other and watch the falling snow. -Sarah
  37. I love going to Orlando and playing all day at Disney World, or any of their other theme parks. Just spend the whole week together with the one you love deeply, and have fun seeing the lighter side of each other. -Florence Vianzon
  38. A week in New England–that’s the place for us!. We’d do the tourist thing, stay in bed and breakfasts, and checking out all the lovely little towns up there. -Kathy
  39. A trip to Italy. We’d stay in a quaint hotel and spend the days leisurely traversing the countryside. We’d enjoy picnic lunches, dinners in cafes, nights looking at the stars and staying awake until dawn. -Rebeca
  40. My ideal vacation for my wife and I would be to spend a week on a yacht in Greece. The staff could prepare regional cuisine daily as we sip champagne on the deck. Swimming, sunning, and just being together surrounded by luxury. -David Stenstrom
  41. Cumberland Island Inn in Georgia. This is a fabulously romantic getaway. There is a secluded beach with wild horses. The inn is spectacular with only a few rooms. The food is great, and they make picnic lunches for you to take to the beach or bike riding. There are no phones or TV!!! It is surrounded by beautiful live oak trees with moss! If you weren’t in love before you went, you will be when you leave. To get there you take a ferry to the island. -Amy
  42. Rent the top floor suite at The Gingerbread Mansion in Ferndale, CA. Then drive along the Northern Coast and go wine tasting. -Frenchy
  43. Walk the streets of Florence, Italy under a sky full of beautiful stars. Hold hands and listen to the sounds around us. Existing together in the middle of the night in one of the most beautiful places on this planet. -Connie
  44. My idea of the perfect romantic vacation is to stay in a little guest house or cottage on or by the ocean. In a place like Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket or some smaller type island. My boyfriend and I did this a few years ago and it is one of the most romantic memories I have in my life. The guest house was just off the beach in a semi-secluded wooded area. We would have our breakfast on the private porch outside our room, sneak away to the beach during the day, or visit some cute gifts shops. After dinner and dancing at this little place on the beach one warm, balmy night, we took a romantic walk along the ocean amd found this little private spot and cuddled under a beautiful full moon that was reflecting off the ocean, for hours. I’ll never forget that night, it was SO romantic. -Jayson Parkinson
  45. My romantic vacation would be me and my boyfriend traveling across Europe together. We would have to be going backpacking, stopping specifically in Italy, Spain, France, Greece, and then we would go up to England. -Elana Ducorsky
  46. A trip to Australia and tour around the country. We would stay at the fanciest hotels, have a candlelight dinner on the balcony in the warm aussie-air night. We would wake up and go animal watching, take walks along the crystal blue ocean water, and live it up as much as possible. Whatever arises, we would do what we wanted to do. -Selma Zoe
  47. I’m partial to the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas. There are so many footbridges amazing for kissing. Not that I’ve ever tried, not there anyway, but when all the lights are on outside of Mi Tierra restaurant and the musicians are working their little guitars and stars are bright in the sky, there is just enough magic to make something happen! -Suzannie

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