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Road Trip Romance


Ultimate Lover's Guide to Picnics
Forget about spending your travel time counting down the hours until your backache is over. Use these tips to make the drive on your next trip a romantic adventure all by itself.

Rent a Fabulous Car
One easy way to make a trip extraordinary is to take it in a fantastic car. Get a convertible, a classic, or a luxury car and your adventure will be off to a great start.

Research and Plan out Your Route
Pick out fun places to stop, restaurants to eat at, and views to see along the way. Plan playlists and entertainment for the drive. Lastly, pick up mementos from wherever you go so that you’ll always have the memories of your perfectly-laid plan. If you’ve ever seen the movie Elizabethtown, you can understand how giving your time and attention to planning out the trip details can make an ordinary experience something fantastic and make your partner feel special.

Plan a Surprise Detour
Without letting your love know where you are headed, pull off for a well-planned detour. Some ideas might be a side-line adventure, a romantic country road, or a surprise visit with friends.

Stop for Treats and Fun
When you see something you like, or a sign for something you’d like to try, stop! Don’t let yourselves be in such a rush that you miss out on a potentially great stop. Share some handmade ice cream, ride a water slide, gaze up at the world’s largest tire, fly a kite on the beach, go thrift store shopping, strip down to your skivvies for a dip in the river, try out the local patisserie, or find somewhere to take a nap. Do one, or do them all! If you are pressed for time, make a pact that you each get to choose one billboard or road sign to follow and the other has to participate wholeheartedly!


A very unexpected way to dine while on a road trip. Pack a blanket and find a park or sit atop your car for a little break from the norm. Eat burgers like buddies, feed each other sensual foods, or have a little food fight.

Action on the Road

Maneuvering can be tricky and a little bit dangerous, but that’s half the fun. You may want to pull over before the big event, however, to avoid disaster and make sure you both enjoy it.

Take a Sex Break

Stop off and do it in the car, get a room, or find somewhere else to get it on. Make it a spontaneous decision or plan ahead. Either way, taking a sex break is a must.

Find Somewhere to Take a Nap
Stop off on a sleepy country road, lay a blanket down by the lake, or get a room for a mid-afternoon nap. Napping together will surely set the right mood for your trip. It will keep you focused on enjoyment of each other as well as the journey itself instead of staying on a tight schedule.

Take Tons of Photos

Silly ones, sexy ones, set-up ones, spontaneous ones. Snap, snap, snap up the moments and when you get home, arrange them in a memories book so you never forget the fun you had together.

Play a Word Game

You can make an old game more fun by putting a romantic twist on it. Try the “Going on a trip and I’m taking on a…” game, but only “bring” things that will add sweetness or spice to your experience.

Road trips don’t have to be boring! Use some if the ideas above, and you’ll have just as much fun getting to where you’re going as you will once you get there!

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