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6 Survival tips for growing out your hair

Growing out your hair — is there any plan more tedious? We’ve got some easy survival tips to get you through this process!

woman with long dark hairLong hair fantasies

Princesses tend to have gorgeous, long locks. And, quite possibly, this may be the root of long hair lust for little girls across the land — little girls who one day grow into frustrated women. Letting our hair grow out feels like an unreachable fantasy to many, but really, it’s quite doable if you follow these guidelines!

1Growing out [with] a perm

Children of the ’80s and ’90s probably have many not-fond memories of growing out a perm. Times have changed: “Today’s light perm-like styles like the skip wave, flash wave and beach waves are perfect ways to grow out hair,” says internationally-renowned hair stylist Edward Blum. The waves give hair that tossed look and the lines are not quite so straight. This means you cannot tell how short the hair is, and before you know it, you can blow it out and see a tremendous amount of growth!

2Clip and pin

Today’s head bands and ornamental clips are also a great way to get those ends that aren’t yet long enough to stay closer to the head and also to hold them away from the face and eyes. Take short ends and twist them into a wavy curve and pin them into a pattern that decorates your look and creates a longer, different feel!

3Hair nutrition

And there’s always your mom’s advice to take your vitamins! “Biotin is what I have most of my clients on,” says Amanda Jenkins, Director of Education at ARROJO Studios in New York City. “It makes your hair and nails grow very quickly. Good shampoo and conditioner is a must and place sunscreen in your hair you are going to be in the sun.”

Seems too easy? It’s really not that hard! Phil Mania, owner and stylist at Mania’s Hairstyling in New Jersey offers more advice:

4Don’t put down those scissors

“I see many clients get frustrated when they get to that in-between length in their quest for long hair. This is the most important time to consult with your stylist. Something as simple as a slight face frame can mean a world of styling difference!”

5Handle with care

“It is important that you treat your growing tresses with the utmost care! Easy on the flat iron, blow-dryer and other hot tools! When you do indulge, always prep your hair with a thermal protectant, such as Bumble and Bumble’s Tonic Lotion.”

6Play a lot

“There are so many hair accessories you can play with! Now is the time to have fun. Wrap your head in a colorful linen scarf on the beach. Heading out for the evening? Tuck a beautiful lily behind one ear. The possibilities are endless!”

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