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How to survive your high heels

Each time we find ourselves drooling over a hot new pair of heels, our internal voices are thrust into battle. Are hot pink stilettos worth the pain and blisters? What about those killer trendy cut-out booties? That’s up to debate but making them more comfortable is easier than you may think!

types of high heels

Break it in

“If you have the resources to do so and a good shoe repair shop you trust, a good way to go about it is to have them “break in” the shoe before you wear it so it is more comfortable and doesn’t cut you in weird ways,” suggests celebrity stylist Constanze Lyndsay Han. If you are a DIY person, purchase some shoe stretch liquid, which can soften the shoe and make it a lot more comfortable to wear.

No pain, no gain?

Not so much. For pain in the ball of the foot, I would recommend a thin gel pad insert, Han says. A lot of times our favorite shoes are the right size but are actually a tad big and cause a little sliding which is what causes discomfort.

Comfy and cozy

It’s all about the cushioning, says Lisa McLatchie, a certified image consultant and editor of The prettiest shoes usually don’t have a lot of cushioning or comfort, especially when it comes to the ball of the foot. When you wear heels, this is the location most of your weight is placed upon, so it is so important to have some extra padding there. There are a number of inserts (Lisa recommends Tip Toes by Foot Petals) to add to your heels that will soften every step and make wearing your heels a little more heavenly, as opposed to the common alternative!

Change your style

“Try wedges — they still have height, but provide more support and comfort than a traditional heel,” says Sonya Cosentini, style expert of off-price retailers T.J. Maxx and Marshalls. Another tip: Wear your heels around the house before you take them out on the town. It helps to get used to a shoe rather than trying to break them in during an outing.

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