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Hollywood beauty secrets

Don’t be intimidated by Hollywood starlets. Few wake up in the morning looking as they appear on the red carpet. Celebrities and their stylists have an arsenal of beauty secrets, and we have stolen many of them to share with you!

woman holding makeup brushes

1Add some volume

Brett Freedman, a coveted celebrity makeup artist, uses tiny individual lash spikes on the bottom lashes to give his sparsely lashed clients more definition. Just apply one by one and picket fence them into the bottom lash line – it fills out the lashes and is completely undetectable!

Tan in a bottle

This sounds too good to be true, but it actually works. If you don’t want to fake bake and don’t have time for a spray tan for events, Brett often sprays Vanitymark Summerskin (a tan body makeup spray from his line Vanitymark) on his clients’ legs and bodies for a natural pinky-tan glow. Brett says this product won’t rub off on clothes or come off until you wash with soap and water. Vanessa Hudgens and Jenna Fischer love it!

Some fizz

Sodas like Sprite and ginger ale can be used in a pinch in lieu of a texturizing spray for hair. Brett once lost his Bumble & Bumble to airport security, so he used ginger ale from the mini-bar on Kelly Clarkson’s hair. Soda gives the grip and texture needed for wavy, beach or rocker hair.


You’ve probably heard this a million times, but it’s true. They really suck you in and come in every shape, size and form to go with all of your different outfits, Lyndsay Han, a celebrity stylist says. Don’t be afraid to get a little help. Celebrities really wear these in their lives and on shoots to give them a smooth, curvaceous silhouette.

Her look

This line manufactures everything a stylist could want to help a client get red carpet ready – from double-sided tape to cleavage cupcakes and seamless thongs and pantyhose. “I use their entire line of products in my kit,” says Constanze. Best of all, it’s an affordable way to achieve that perfect finishing touch!


Appearances can be deceiving. We see celebrities in clothing that appears to fit them as if it were made for them. Most of the time because it is! Hollywood stars often rely on a fitting with a good seamstress to make things fit perfectly. A good alteration can go a long way, Constanze reveals.

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