Are you brave enough to cut your own hair?

Should you cut your own hair? We all have those mornings when we take a glimpse in the mirror and want to take a scissor to our locks. But are we just asking for trouble? Here’s some advice for cutting your own hair — and an easy primer for how to cut your own bangs if you simply must.

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Should you cut your own hair?

Even the pros try not to cut their own hair, points out internationally renowned stylist Edward Blum. “The art of hair styling takes body mechanics and a certain positioning to be able to create a cut that will fall in a flattering way.” Not to mention a few hours of professional training! “The only way I could recommend someone cutting their own hair would be if they were looking for a ‘clipper look’ or a very androgynous rounded look,” Blum says. “Or, if you are looking for a random choppy, gothic look.”

Some people have a knack for it and you may come up with an interesting look (e.g. Sharon Stone) if you have the correct face and texture. However, it is not for the faint of heart — you may get more or less than you bargain for.

It’s never good to cut your own hair for a geometric look because it really is very hard to get the right balance on yourself. You must have the correct perspective and this only happens when you step away. Obviously, that’s not something you can do with yourself.

How to cut bangs

But you have a hair emergency and need to cut your own bangs! This can be a disaster, so Blum advises, when in a pinch, it is always best to follow the rules like the pros when cutting bangs.

Step 1:

Only cut an upside down V section that goes from the center of one eyebrow to the other.

Step 2:

Lift the hair before you cut to keep the ends soft, and remember the higher you lift, the more layers you will get. The closer to the skin you hold them, the blunter they will be.

Step 3:

For an easy way to cut a curvy bang that contours to the brow shape, Blum advises you take the entire bang section and pinch them together in the center of the nose and cut in one section, then let the bang fall away to the side. You will have a nice angle to the side of the eyes.

Always start with a length below the brow for a shorter bang. For a side swept bang, use the end of the nose as a guide keeping them slightly shorter on the side of the part and longer on the side you want them to move to.