10 tips for luxury camping

Camping used to be synonymous with tacky green canvas tents, puffy sleeping bags and canned beans over the campfire. Now? Well, let’s say it’s evolved a bit. You can rent tents equipped with bathrooms, crystal chandeliers, hammocks and 600 thread-count sheets.

Glam camping

Glamping is here to stay, and we couldn’t be happier. So how do you glamp? And where can you find the best places to do it? Not all campsites offer luxury camping, so you need to do a little research. Before you hit the road for a week of glamping, check out our tips and suggestions for a relaxing and luxurious outdoor vacation.


Plan early

As with any vacation, you want to give yourself ample months to plan. This will ensure the campsite or resort you want is available. Because glamping is so popular, many places book out months in advance.

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Scout the perfect spot

You won’t find the A-listers glamping out in the middle of nowhere. Many hot glamping resorts and campsites are adjacent to beaches or in pristine mountain areas. If you’re in California, check out Costanoa for beach and mountain access. For a more rustic experience, stay in one of Oregon State Parks’ luxury yurts, which are also pet-friendly!


Villa, tent, yurt or tree house?

Before you glamp, you need to get acquainted with the terms. A villa or hut is a large freestanding cottage with at least one bedroom. Many come with kitchenettes, private pools and decks! A tent is a portable canvas home that can have up to four bedrooms, a kitchen and private bath. A yurt is a collapsible circular tent that either has a door and windows or a flap. A tree house is a luxury home perched in the forest and often has one bedroom and a small kitchenette.


Decide how
much to spend

Unlike regular camping, glamping can be as expensive as a five-star getaway if you aren’t careful. Set a budget as you would with any trip, setting aside a certain amount for lodging (some villas can cost up to $5,000 a night!), food (many glamping sites are all-inclusive), transportation, accessories and activities (many sites offer complimentary water activities). If you’re not sure how much it costs, ask!


Ask about

Many yurts, tree houses and tents aren’t equipped for electricity or Wi-Fi, so if you’re wedded to that laptop and hair dryer, you’ll want to bring extension cords and a portable Wi-Fi device. Also, think smart. In lieu of a traditional coffee pot, you can bring a French press, which doesn’t require electricity. You can also bring a portable gas grill for grilling and dry ice to keep your beverages and food cold (if you don’t have a fridge).


Resort, camp or secluded getaway

Do you want to be all alone in the woods? Prefer to stay in a five-star villa on the property of a fancy resort? Want seclusion but also the amenities of a hotel? Decide what kind of vacation you’d like and then research the best places to go. If you’d love a luxury tent experience that has the restaurants and activities of a hotel, we love the 4 Rivers Floating Lodge in Cambodia.


Remember the environment

You’re going to be one with nature, so try to keep nature as beautiful as you can, okay? Instead of your regular toiletry bottles, opt for biodegradable bottles. Bring environmentally friendly toilet paper and bring water or a washtub to clean plastic or glass dishes (to reduce paper and plastic waste).


Glamp with friends
and family

What’s glamping without friends and family? Many villas and yurts can sleep up to eight people! Not only will group travel save you money on the room, it’ll also save you money on transportation, group activities and even food.


Set the perfect stage (lighting and decor)

Hey, that tent and yurt is going to be your home away from home for a week or two, so why not decorate it like so? Bring some tree lights, lanterns or tiki torches to add some outdoor glam to your tent. We also love this tissue paper garland (for over the bed), this gorgeous Mason jar chandelier (to hang over your table!) and this perfect vintage rustic bar cart for your wines and beers!


Don’t forget
the essentials!

Nothing like getting to your amazing tent in the middle of nowhere to realize you forgot your toothbrush, shampoo, deodorant, cell phone charger and a clean pair of underwear for your husband. Don’t ruin your vacation or spend far too much at the gift shops by packing the essentials before you go! The easiest way to remember is to write a list.

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