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Stress relievers for all-night study sessions

Ditch the stress from those all-night study sessions with these tips.

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Let’s face it, all-night study sessions are killer. You’re tired and you’re stressed to the max. Don’t worry, lady — we’ve got your back! Escape the stress with these stress-relieving tips. They’ll make those all-nighters almost bearable.

Take deep breaths

We know it sounds cheesy, but trust us, it works! Close your eyes and slowly take 10 deep breaths. By the time you’re done, you’ll feel more relaxed and ready to study some more.

Take a break

Not a long break — we know you’ve got work to do. When you start to feel stressed, step away from the books for just 10 minutes. Relax on the porch, flip through a magazine or play a couple of quick internet games (but only if you can stop at a couple!).

Stand up

Get moving! Stand up and do a few jumping jacks, stretches or knee bends. It’s amazing how revitalized you’ll feel once you get that blood flowing.

Have a laugh

You know those funny videos you skip over on your Facebook feed? Watch them! When the stress takes hold, head on over to YouTube and get lost in a few funny clips. After a couple of good laughs, you’ll be as good as new.

Breathe it in

Take a whiff of something to wake up that tired brain. Peppermint, coffee and lemon are all scents that will leave you feeling instantly refreshed and much, much calmer.

Take a walk

Your brain might be bordering on exhaustion, but your body hasn’t moved in hours. Take a short walk, even just around your house or yard, to expel some of that built-up energy. Those few minutes away from the books will relieve a ton of stress.


You heard us right. We know you’ve got things to do, but if you’re overworked and overtired, you’re only going to get more stressed (and get less done). Get a few good hours of shut-eye and try it again.

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