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Update your outdoor lighting with lanterns

Lanterns are the perfect transition piece from summer to fall that will introduce a wonderful glow to your exterior space. Learn decorating tips on ways to add character to your home with ambient lighting.

Kingston lanterns (Pottery Barn, $50 - $129)

Kingston lanterns (Pottery Barn, $50-$129)

Summer may be gone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a little fun outdoors. The fall season offers us the perfect opportunity to create a visual statement in our front and backyard that will leave a lasting impression on all who see.

Lanterns are amazing home decorating items that seldom get used around the home — especially outdoors in creative ways. Timeless in their own right, these illuminating accessories create a charming calm wherever they’re placed. This fall, set the mood outdoors by using lanterns. Here are some decorating tips and ideas to consider.

Create an illuminating path

Outdoor lantern

Sometimes porch lights are not enough, and you need something else to light your path. Outdoor lanterns are a great way to fill this void by placing a few along your walkway. You can even cascade them down your stairs. Just make sure they are OK for outdoor use, as they need to be weatherproof. (Pottery Barn, $29-$199)

Make fall foliage glow

Leaf lantern

Fall foliage, like leaves, is one of nature’s beautiful gifts during the season. There is something about the rich and warm colors that bring a space to life. One way to highlight the natural grace of leaves is by creating leaf-inspired lanterns. Feel free to add a candle that will look amazing against the autumn sky. (Image source: Pinterest)

Electrify your trees

Hanging lantern

Autumn definitely has an effect on trees, causing their leaves to turn colors before parting from their branches. Before they become completely bare, set the scene with hanging lanterns. Add various sizes for an enchanting appeal. Though they may take some time to light, the end result is worth it. (Image source: Pinterest)

Go eco-friendly

Eco-friendly lanterns

Not all lanterns have to be purchased in a store. In fact, upcycling an old object into new decorative items is a fun project you can use throughout the seasons. Turn old tin cans into glowing lanterns you can place around your outdoor area. This is a fun project for the whole family, as you can create different designs and patterns. (Image source: Pinterest)

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