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Top 10 hyperactive dog breeds

Without proper training and attention, particular breeds can experience hyperactivity. These pups are the top 10 breeds who need extra attention and care to avoid an overactive hyper hound.


Border collie

Border Collie

Image source: bcfrankie

A very intelligent breed filled with both physical and mental energy, the border collie will bore easily if not given a proper job. Finding any way to release his energy, the pup can become hyperactive in a negative sense. Give him ample exercise or an energetic occupation to avoid undesirable behaviors.

Did you know a border collie is also one of the top 10 smartest dogs in the world?


Australian shepherd

Australian Shepherd

Image source: brittany_maye96

Like the border collie, the Australian shepherd is very smart and active. Bred to be a herding dog, this breed can become destructive without proper obedience training, challenge and exercise. Provide him with plenty of exercise and a “job” outside to help curb damaging activity.

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Golden retriever

Golden Retriever

Image source: _renevillarreal

An awesome pet for the family, a golden retriever is an active and family-friendly pup. An exercise lover and natural hunter, this pup is bred to carry the heaviest of game. Without any challenge in his life, his need for activity can turn wayward. Train him with proper obedience schooling and give him mental and physical challenges for your loyal companion’s health and happiness.

The golden retriever is one of the best dog breeds for new babies!


Labrador retriever

Labrador Retriever

Image source: cassadys_critters

Another loyal member of the family, the Labrador retriever is a highly athletic pup. With a body and coat built for swimming and running outdoors, this hound can easily get into trouble. Easy to train, the Lab can behave well with obedience training, and mental and physical challenges.

A Labrador retriever is also one of top 10 best hunting dogs!


English pointer

English Pointer

Image source: ryanoflion

Happiest chasing birds, with his athletic build and high stamina to run for hours on end, the pointer will find negative ways to release his energy without positive stimulation. Playful and energetic, he is easy to train with obedience schooling, exercise and a lot of attention.

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