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12 Fall color palettes for your kitchen

The fall season is all about creating a relaxed home that is perfect for both entertaining and casual living. As your kitchen will become quite the popular hangout for preparing everyday and holiday meals, it’s important to keep it on trend.

Fall country kitchen

Here are 12 color palettes for you to try in your kitchen during autumn.


Fresh apples

Fresh apples color scheme

Image source: Pinterest

What better reminder is there of autumn than a fresh bushel of apples? Available in various hues and flavors, this fruit is often the centerpiece (literally) of kitchen and dining room tables.


Fall leaves

Fall leaves color scheme

Image source: Pinterest

One of fall’s natural beauties is the changing foliage. In fact, it is one of the reasons why people tour the country. Bring this rustic elegance into your home with hues that reflect the changing landscape.


Enchanted forest

Enchanted forest color scheme

Image source: Pinterest

There is something magical about the forest and how one feels when they tour the space. Create this sentiment in your kitchen with warm, neutral hues and a hint of green.


Cabin retreat

Cabin Retreat color scheme

Image source: Pinterest

If you can’t get away to a wooden cabin nestled in the forest, bring it to your home. The kitchen is a wonderful backdrop for warm neutrals like brown and taupe to set the expectation of relaxation.


Pumpkin patch

Pumpkin patch color scheme

Image source: Pinterest

If you dig the color orange, create a monochromatic palette in the kitchen with hues of pumpkin. Have fun mixing and matching various shades of orange together. Feel free to add in a few splashes of yellow for a warm fall effect.


Barnyard bliss

Barnyard bliss color scheme

Image source: Pinterest

Barns, often homes for livestock and crops, make nice rustic accents against a picturesque farm setting. What better room to add barn-inspired colors than the kitchen?


Acorn wonder

Acorn wonder color scheme

Image source: Pinterest

When it comes to filling vases, acorns are a must-have item for fall. Not only are they budget friendly (just check your local neighborhood), but they help to enhance the texture on your table.



Mountain top color scheme

Image source: Pinterest

Those who don’t want to use a traditional fall color palette can keep things cool with green and blue. Experience the joys of the great outdoors with hues inspired by the mountain.


Bountiful corn

Bountiful corn color scheme

Image source: Pinterest

Like the pumpkin, corn is an edible item synonymous with the autumn season. Rich in bright yellow, flint or Indian corn also incorporates other fall colors that include various shades of brown and even red.


Autumn blooms

Autumn blooms color scheme

Image source: Pinterest

Fall offers us amazing florals for the home that range in style, shape and color. This is your chance to mix and match colors in your kitchen to reflect the potpourri of blooms in season.


Apple pie

Apple pie color scheme

Image source: Pinterest

Can you smell the fresh apple pie baking in the oven? Pair red with golden neutrals in your kitchen to turn your memories of apple pie into a visual reality.



Coffee house color scheme

Image source: Pinterest

Turn your kitchen into a brew house with coffee-inspired colors. This not only sets the mood for fall, but it also gives your space a warm yet intimate appeal.

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Photo credit: Dennis Jarvis

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