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Tips on keeping the laundry room clean and organized

You do a lot of cleaning in your laundry room, but how much of that cleaning is focused on the room itself?

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Let’s face it: No one really likes to spend time in the laundry room, right? You can make your time in that space a little more enjoyable, though, by keeping it clean and organized.

Keep it clean

Most of your time in the laundry room is focused on cleaning clothes, not the room itself. These simple steps are all you need to make sure your space is just as bright as your whites.

  • Wipe down shelves with a wet rag. Stray sprays and splashes of detergent leave surfaces sticky, making them a great landing spot for lint and dust.
  • Run your washing machine without a load, on a hot cycle, using two cups of vinegar to keep your machine fresh and clean inside.
  • Remove the dryer lint trap and soak it in hot water and dish soap. Scrub to remove buildup. You can do this with the knobs on your washer and dryer as well, if they are removable.
  • Wipe the outside surfaces of your washer and dryer with glass cleaner to make them shine.
  • Remove the dryer hose and use your vacuum attachment to remove any lint buildup on the inside.
  • Use your vacuum attachment to clean under, behind and between your washer and dryer.
  • Sweep and mop the floors.

Keep it organized

You’ve got a small space, big piles of laundry, too many products and not enough time to get it all done — so it’s easy to see why laundry rooms often become disorganized danger zones. Add some organization to the space and make your life (and your laundry chores) much, much easier.

  • Add shelving where it’s most convenient for you — probably right above your washing machine — to store bleach, detergents and other products.
  • Go through your products and discard items you don’t use. Keep similar items together.
  • Hang your ironing board on the wall when not in use. That will give you more working space.
  • Hang hooks or a retractable drying line so you have a place to hang clothes that wrinkle easily or aren’t dryer safe.
  • Use several baskets or divided bins for storing and separating dirty laundry.
  • Use a basket or box for unused hangers.
  • Keep a small container for storing items left in pockets.
  • Keep a trash can in the laundry room so you have a place for lint, tags, dryer sheets and other items that might otherwise end up on your floor.

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